I love Summer - the bright sunshine, sun, long days, and cookouts. But with all these things I love about Summer, there's one thing I don't necessarily love - the extreme heat. There can be too much of a good thing!  Last week I gave you some tips about how to look and stay cool. If you missed it, you can read it here. Since mother nature shows no signs of cooling down soon and we have to wear clothes, I wanted to give you some additional summer survival tips. 

1. Keep Styles Loose and Airy vs. Fitted: You don't want a style that's close fitting, it will trap the heat in. So think flowy, think airy. Flowy tops and skirts, long shirts or skirts with hem vents are all great choices.  Also, stick with light colors vs. dark colors. Light colors will reflect the heat and keep you cooler. As much you may love wearing black from head to toe, you may change it up for these warmer Summer months. In the video, I am wearing our A-line Tunic Tank which is perfect for these hot Summer months since it's made from breathable Rayon and has a nice A-line shape that doesn't cling. 

2. Wear smaller, lightweight jewelry:  I love jewelry and for me, the bigger the better. However, it may work against you in the heat. A big heavy necklace will pin your shirt against your body, thus making yourself hotter. Keep things light on your wrist as well. Your wrists are a big cooling point for your body so if you have them covered up with big, chunky bracelets you're not going to let yourself cool down. So during this time of year, keep it light, keep it airy, give yourself a little breathing room!

3. Downsize your bag:  Ladies, I am out almost every weekend doing an art festival and it makes me hot to see you with some of these huge bags I see you carrying around. A backpack will trap heat on your back or a big tote on your shoulder will trap the heat too. Try wearing a small cross body or if you need more room go with a messenger bag style. 

A Bonus Tip:  The sun can be hard on your sunglasses and warp them.  So when you're not wearing them on your face, keep them in a hard case. Don't wear them on the top of your head, or stash them on your dashboard - they can get warped there. 


So get out and have some fun in the sun and look great while you're doing it! 


With Love,



P.S - Our A-Line Tunic Tank is a fan favorite and we have it in a colorway for everyone whether you're a purple lover, or love neutrals. Shop them here. 

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