Hey there, I'm Jackie Ayres

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“I’m a fashion designer, entrepreneur, wife, and mom. I’m obsessed with our Boxer dogs, Pearl Jam, and anything to do with true crime!”

I didn’t ever think I would have my own business. I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and thankfully got a job designing for Bath and Body Works right out of school. I then went on to design for Lane Bryant and Thirty-One Gifts. During these 17 years spent designing in Corporate, I found myself wanting more….and needing a creative outlet. That is how Dyetology began!

I love making clothes for women...

I love making clothes for women that not only make them beautiful but also get them noticed- in a good way. I mean who doesn’t love it when someone sees your outfit and says “ Oh my goodness, I LOVE your shirt! It’s so beautiful! Where did you get it?
I am passionate about helping women to look and feel their best! I hate seeing women frustrated with their closets and getting dressed each day. I love to give quick and easy styling tips to help women get out the door quicker and stress-free.

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I value the uniqueness of each woman I meet.
I value creativity and beauty.
I value intention and thoughtfulness in everything, including my art and my work.

And, I am deeply grateful that I have the ability to use my creativity, strengths, skills, and experience to make the wearable art that brings comfort and beauty to each woman who wears it.

My Story...

I want every woman who wears Dyetology to feel beautiful, vibrant, loved, and worthy and this is the intention that I pour into every design and every piece of clothing that I create. I also want every woman to know when she wears her Dyetology piece that she has made a difference in my life by supporting my small business.

You are enduring and magnificent. You are glorious, and when you wear a piece of our hand-dyed line, I want you to feel like our clothing is an extension of you. You deserve more than fast-fashion. Hand-dyed garments made of natural fabrics, made with care, compassion, and creativity -- this is what you deserve -- clothing that enhances you while making you feel like you are receiving a hug from a trusted friend.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.
1. I’m a twin! I have a twin brother, Matt.
2. I got married when I was 19. Yep…still married to him!
3. I was voted most unusual of my senior class.
4. I love all things to do with health and wellness and a perpetual student of living the healthiest life possible. With that said, I eat pizza and ice cream weekly!
5. I have another degree in Criminal Justice. That’s a story for another day.

When I’m not elbow deep in dye (watch this quick behind the scenes video here), you can catch me walking my two boxers, spending time with my husband and son, working out, or enjoying the latest true crime series on TV!

Giving Back...

I also have a heart for giving back to others and that is why I started a mission program with our socks that for every pair of socks purchased, we donate a pair of socks to a local homeless shelter.
Why socks? Socks are the most needed clothing item in homeless shelters