Summer is an amazing time of the year, but the higher temps can bring wardrobe situations that you might need some help with. Here are 5 tips to help you stay cool and feel your best during the summer heat!

1. Wear Natural Fibers:  Cotton, Rayon, Silk, Linen these are all natural fibers that we love! Why? Natural fibers and they will let your skin breathe and not trap the heat. So as the summer heats up, and your body gets hotter - go with natural fibers.

2. Looser Fitting Arm Holes:  If you happen to wear sleeveless shirts, go for something that has a looser armhole - it will help you from getting chafed in that area. What's the deal with chafing? When temps rise and we get hot and sweaty (you don't sweat, you sparkle right?), anything tight is going to cause chafing. Wear a shirt with loose/larger armholes over a lightweight tank to prevent a bra peek-a-boo situation. Or if you don't mind showing your bra, wear a pretty bralette or sports bra! 

3. Make Baby Powder or Body Glide Your New BFF: The hot weather is a great time to break out the shorts and skirts however with these shorter hemlines can bring on a case of thigh chafing. OUCH! You can use some baby powder on your thighs, back of knees or whatever area is falling victim to the chafing. Body Glide is also a great solution- runners have been using for years to prevent chafing during their runs. Body Glide is great to rub on your heels or anywhere on your feet where the new summer sandals you're trying to break in are rubbing.

One last tip on thigh chafing, I stumbled across a brand called Bandelettes that makes really cute, fashionable, anti-chafing thigh bands and undergarments.

4. Banish Armpit Stains: Okay I know this is not a "sexy" topic but we all get a little heated with warmer temps. Add to it wearing sleeveless shirts and wearing fewer layers to cover those armpit stains. Your favorite white t-shirt may be showing some stains. So what's a girl to do to keep her summer tops looking their best? Before you wash your shirt, rub the armpit area with lemon juice. Oxy Clean is also great on those yellow stains. You can make a paste from a little water/lemon juice with the Oxy Clean powder and let it sit for several hours or overnight before washing.

5. Wrangle Your Deodorant: Let's talk about deodorant stains that tend to show up on dark clothes.  Take the foam cover that comes on some dry cleaning hangers, and rub the area of the clothing where the deodorant is. No dry cleaning hangers? You can find deodorant removing blocks here on Amazon. Both of these things work great to remove those pesky white deodorant stains.


I hope these 5 Summer wardrobe hacks will keep you looking and feeling great during the Summer heat! 

With Love,


P.S - As the temps rise, sometimes odors do too- check out our blog post here on "Odor Removal Tips & Tricks"

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