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Color 411 - Best Colors for Your Skin Tone

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Colors can be tricky when it comes to what to buy and wear! I know I have had a hard time saying "no" to colors that I know may not look the best on me but I personally love them (hello yellow!).  After doing research about color that would look good on my skin complexion I learned so much!!

Figuring out what your skin tone is can be tricky,  so here are some helpful tips!

  1. Look at your Wrist: If you see blue or purple veins, you have cool skin tones. If you see green veins you are more warm-toned. For neutral skin tones, you will have a blueish green vein.

  2. Compare your Skin to Paper: If your skin looks pink, rosy, or blue you have cool skin tones. If your skin looks yellow, greenish or brownish compared to a white piece of paper you have warm skin tones.

  3. How does your Skin React to Sun: If your skin burns or does not react due to ebony skin color when in the sun you have cooler skin tones. If your skin does not burn and tans you have warmer skin tone. 


    If you rather not figure out your skin tone, no worries!  There are colors that look great on everyone. Here are some: Pure White, Teal, Light Blush Pink, and Deep Rich Purple.


    Color Break Down For Skin Tones:

             Cool              Neutral             Warm


    Cool Skin Tones: You have fair, light skin or deep rich skin. The best colors to turn to are bright blues, emerald, dark purple, lavender, blue, or deep pink. More colors to look into are ruby, bright red or soft yellows.



    Neutral Skin Tones:
    You have medium tone skin, it is not too fair and not too tan. Search for medium blues, jade, red, soft pink. Your neutral colors are going to be off-whites, light beige, mid grays, and black.

    Warm Skin Tones: You have very warm or tan skin. Look for colors that are red, peach, coral, orange, amber, gold or yellow. You can also turn to colors like olive, moss, orchid, and violet. As for neutrals look for cream, grey, and taupe.



    We have a color that looks good on all skin tones! 

        shop cool tones dyetology


    best for neutral tones


    best for warm tones

    With love,

    Owner & Designer of Dyetology

    Jackie Ayres owner and designer of Dyetology



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    • Jane: July 17, 2019

      So helpful!! I never knew about the wrist trick and now I know what’s going to look better on me. Excited to get some new pieces to honor my “cool”. Thanks!

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