We are bringing our newest colorways to 2 of our favorite styles, the Easy Shirt and the Drape Front Hoodie. We also are introducing a new style, the Easy Capris, in Sea Glass. In our video, we will show you our new colorways,  Sea Glass and Rasberry Sorbet in these styles. We will also show you some items you can pair your new Hoodie and Easy Shirt with. 

Easy Shirt:

tie dye women's top in shades of purple


The Easy Shirt is so versatile, it has elbow length sleeves which makes it good for a year-round piece. This style looks great with a front tuck or tied with a small knot on the side. 

You can wear them in the summer and still feel great because of the easy, flowing silhouette will keep you cool no matter how high the temps climb.  During cooler weather, pair it with an open cardi sweater, jean jacket, or an olive jacket. 


Drape Front Hoodie:


You can pair your hoodie with a shirt that goes with the color in your hoodie. It doesn't have to be a perfect match. Look for lighter/darker colors of the hoodie.

  • Raspberry Sorbet I paired it with a darker grey that did not exactly match the grey in the hoodie but will still look great.
  • Sea Glass I paired it with a fun mint green tank that goes with the overall coloring of the hoodie. Or you can do a white shirt which makes a great partner to the colored hoodie.

As for bottoms, denim is a go-to but when spring and summer roll around you can pair it with white denim. I like the idea of a white denim skirt because it dresses the piece up a little bit. Olive is another option, it is a new neutral it would look great with the Sea Glass.

Something else you can do is wear denim on the top under the Drape Front Hoodie. See the example of the denim shell in the video. We do not think about a denim top as an option with color,  because we normally wear denim on the bottom. 


Easy Capri:

These are going to offered in Sea Glass.  If you missed our week 1 launch, we are also offering these capris in 2 great neutral options. If you would like to match you can wear them with the matching easy shirt.  A white shirt or a shirt that matches tonally that picks up a shade in the capris will work as well. You can pair them with metallic shoes or a long necklace to break up the color.

Do you have a favorite piece or color so far in our new Spring collection? Leave me a comment below!


With love,


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