Soo excited to be bringing you the first week of our week Spring/Summer 2019 launch. This first week's launch is our "New Neutrals" collection. I know how important it is to have great neutrals in your wardrobe. So many of you have told me that neutrals are your "go-to" in your closet. But neutrals don't have to be boring! That is how this neutral collection came to be. We also are introducing coordinating pieces so it's easier than ever to put together a great outfit. 

We will be releasing something new each week so be sure to check out our new beauties each week. You will be seeing more "New Neutrals" coming as well in the upcoming weeks. 

This week we are releasing:
  • Metro Tunic, long enough to cover your bum. It comes in Storm, Whisper, A Night Out, and Grid (which is what I am wearing). It is perfect for dressing up or adding a bit of flair to your casual outfit. Fits up toa XL.

  • Easy Shirts!! So versatile. It comes in Mist, Storm, and Whisper.  Sizes S/M, L/XL, 2XL.

  • Easy Capri Pants, they come in matching colors for mist and storm. They have a 1-inch elastic waistband and come in Sizes S-2XL.

  • Drape Front Jacket!! It comes in our storm colorway. It will be our only colorway run in this style. Sizes S-XL.

  • Also, we are bringing back our Drape Front Hoodie in A Night Out! Our "A Night Out" colorway has been one of our best-selling colorways. If you do not have a drape front hoodie be sure to pick this one up. It is very yummy. The wrinkles always seem to shake right out of it.

What do you think of our "New Neutrals"? We would love to hear from you - leave us a comment below!

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