There are some things in life we cannot control but wardrobe regrets are not one of those things. When shopping we can get ahead of ourselves with sales or if we think something is unique.

Here are some ways to avoid regretful wardrobe purchases when you are shopping for new items.

  • Am I buying this because it is on sale?
    Even though sales can be great you do not want to overdo it and buy things that you will never wear. It may be a good deal but think about your body type or your style before purchasing something on sale. It is most likely on sale to clear the rack for new things or because the style did not sell.
  • Does it fit me at this moment or am I buying it to try and lose weight?
    Buying clothing because of losing weight might be a good idea at the time but life is always changing. You might have to put the weight loss journey on pause and then you would be wasting your money on clothing you never got to wear. 
  • Do I have items in my closet now that I can pair it with?
    Would you be able to wear it with something you already have or would you have to purchase more to be able to wear it? You would then be putting more money into your closet for one additional piece where you would have been better off without it.
  • Is it high maintenance, does it need to be dry cleaned?
    We all know that we become lazy when it comes to laundry. But think about those items that have to be run on delicate or even taken to the dry cleaning? Do you even wear it because of the care it needs? Or will it end up at the bottom of the closet after wearing it once?

    I hope these things have given you something to get think about and keep those regrets out of your closet! 


With love,


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