What could be worse than a little seasonal blues. Every year I dread the day when the weather man says it is going to get cold or snow, I cannot stand winter weather. I find myself hiding under piles of blankets avoiding responsibilities. But who doesn't want to do this every day of the week unless it is something we enjoy.

I know with living in Ohio, once I hit peak summer heat I know that in 6 months I will be down in the dumps with the snowy cold weather. With the lack of sun from day light savings time I feel as if I should stay curled up in bed rather than be productive. Can humans hibernate? No... Well here are some helpful tips to avoiding those winter blues.

  1. Take extra Vitamin D since you are having a lack of sun light.
  2. Cut the Carbs even if you are craving them. Carbs will make you more sluggish on top of the lack of sun. 
  3. Listen to motivational or guided exercises for anxiety and depression.
  4. Exercise!! Even if it is a short walk or cleaning the whole house on a Sunday, get active. That little push of adrenaline will create a happier mood!

Keep in mind you are not alone! And if you need additional help make sure you ask for it!

With Love,


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