Life definitely flies by faster than we would like it to. But have you ever wondered how fast life really goes for the less fortunate? When I started this business I knew that I wanted to be able to do something to give back to the community.

I read an article that called out the fact that socks are the most needed item in clothing shelters. My mind was blown as I didn't know that, and we were already selling socks so it was a done deal in my mind.  I started the Socks for Hope Mission in March of 2017. For every pair of socks that you purchase, we donate a pair to the homeless. As I write this I am proud to say we have donated 1,110 pairs to homeless shelters here in Columbus, Ohio.



In Columbus, Ohio there are about 1,087 homeless people and within the past year has increased by 6.9%. Throughout the United States there about 552,830 homeless and has risen by 0.3% within the last year. 

I know it can feel overwhelming in our busy lives to find the time to give back or to find something easy to do that helps. So here's a list of some easy ways to give back to your community. 

  • Look through your pantry and collect food that is not being eaten, take it to your local food pantry or homeless shelter.
  • Give Blood, one pint of blood can save 3 lives! Did you know that there's a blood donor app by American Red Cross? Yep, you can find local places to go donate or blood drives that are happening near you.
  • Donate clothes, instead of reselling clothing try dropping them off to homeless shelters and preparing small bags and keeping them in the car for homeless on the corner.
  • Does your community have a curbside library or pantry?! If not, start one for the local people that are less fortunate. 
  • Support local businesses initiatives like our Socks for Hope program. Your purchase is making a difference! 
  • Pick up trash as you see it, might not seem that big of a deal but one less piece of trash on the street is such a help. This is our community and even though we didn't put that piece of trash out the street, clean it up. It will inspire others to do the same and also think twice about using the neighborhood as a trash can! 

Little things add up to BIG changes. Little things are also impactful. So don't over think it, just do something. You'll be glad that you did! 

With love,


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