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What made you grateful this past month? Do you have anything that truly stood out? Or do you just find yourself going day by day trying to get through? Gratitude helps us find the positives in life when the going gets tough.

Every day I try to find one thing that I am grateful for that happened that day. It could be the smallest of things. Something like my husband giving me a kiss on my forehead before heading out for work. 

With Thanksgiving upon us, I find myself thinking more about "gratitude" but what does it really look like?

Daily:  I try to find things I am grateful each day such as my health, my family's health, my house, and my health just to name a few. Having is a list of "go-to"'s that I am grateful for comes in handy when the days are long and hard. 

Long Term:  What about the long term and the big picture? For this bigger picture, I find myself looking back and seeing what makes me the happiest and most fulfilled. And for me, I find that I am ever so grateful to make beautiful, soft, comfortable clothes that make women look and feel their best. This is what keeps me going day by day and month by month. Knowing that I am doing things I love and creating new and amazing pieces. This business also allows me more time to see my family which was something I missed out on greatly when I was in Corporate.  I was the absentee parent. 

 Don't know where to start with bringing more gratitude into your day? Here are somethings I have found that help me find gratitude:

  1. Replacing Complaints with Gratitude. Changing your perspective will make you a happier person! By focusing on things you can control and that you are thankful for, you will feel better and find it easier to share love and positivity all around. What we focus on is what we tend to share with others, whether or not we realize it. 
  2. Spreading the love to Family and Friends. Vocalizing gratitude is a big deal, people love to feel appreciated and warm and fuzzy on the inside. Sharing what you think or just saying "thank you" can mean so much. Notes work too!  
  3. Show Self Love. You can really only be there for others if you are there for yourself. You can show yourself love in many ways, if that is treating yourself to a cup of coffee, getting your nails done, cleaning your space, writing yourself a love note. It all depends on what you need from yourself to get through tough times. 

I am grateful for each and every one of you! You make it possible for "Dyetology" to be a reality and for me to be doing what I love. 

Sending you love and peace this holiday season! 


P.S- What are you grateful for? I would love to hear! Drop me a comment below! 

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