Even people with the highest self-confidence can struggle with their confidence on some days. I know this struggle first hand.  When I was in the Corporate design world many times it felt like, no matter how hard I worked or my team worked, it fell short of expectations....it was never good enough.

The message was work harder, longer, faster....and for what? To be told again that it fell short of expectations? Although I loved my job and my team, I felt like I wanted more out of my life. And the stress was taking its toll. 


self confidence a feeling feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment


Dyetology was born out of needing a creative outlet for myself. Something that was an outlet and release from the daily stress. Something I had control over creatively. I found when I was dyeing and working on designs for Dyetology, I was the happiest. It helped me to find my creative mojo again. This was huge as I felt like little by little in the Corporate world I was slowly losing my creative abilities and confidence. This took its toll on my self-esteem. 

How did I get through the toughest of times and continue to build my self-confidence to this day?

  • Dress for Success - Dress for what suits you. If you like to dress up or wear yoga pants, then do it! No one is stopping you from dressing the way that is best for you!  YOU are what matters, and the comfort of the clothes that you will have a direct impact on how you feel - both physically and mentally. 

  • Stand Tall - Who knew posture could make you have a positive attitude and give you have more confidence. Posture affects your breathing which can affect your energy levels. Not only does it make you feel stronger but it makes your back feel better! I would know with all my back problems lately!

  • Fill Your Mind with Positive Messages - In this digital age that we live in, this is so easy to do. Years ago I made an intentional effort to fill my brain with positive things, from what I listened to in the car to things I listened to while I was working/working out and even to what I read. Did you know your brain believes what you tell it? There are so many wonderful podcasts, audiobooks that are an easy way to listen to these messages with our busy schedules.

  • Smile - Smiling is contagious! You can "hear" a smile through the phone.  Smiling can boost confidence because even if you are doubting yourself a smile can make you feel stronger and more confident. You can make someone else smile when they see yours, and that is a success in itself. 

  • Be Generous - When I started Dyetology I knew I wanted to give back. It makes my heart whole. Even in my everyday life outside of Dyetology, I find myself giving and appreciating people around me. 

There are many other small things that you can do to boost your self-confidence.  Start small, give it time. This is not an overnight process but if you work at it you will see a difference. I speak from personal experience. 


With love,



  • Mika Harmony said:

    Such wonderful uplifting advice, thank you. That’s so wonderful of you to share your honesty. I’m working on improving my posture and i frequently remind myself to smile more. Often times I’m happy, but in deep thought so the expression on my face doesn’t show the happy part. :) much aloha to YOU! MikaHarmony

    May 16, 2019

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