OM... MY GOSH you have to check out these 5 amazing yoga superstars!

Let's take a trip to the Dyetology zen zone where today we are featuring five amazing yogi women who inspire us in so many ways- check it out!


Kelly Sodergren

Kelly Sodergren- Melt Hot Fitness

Kelly Sodergren is the founder of the amazing Melt Hot Fitness, a workout experience that strengthens and calms you through the power of purposeful, spa-like heat. I'm feeling rejuvenated just typing this! Kelly has learned from personal experience that movement isn't just good for the body, it's good for the mind and soul. A sufferer of ADHD, she knows the power of focusing your energy into one passion and has turned that focus into something amazing for so many others. When I asked Kelly how yoga inspires her, she said "Most days, I feel a lot like Humpty Dumpty...cracked and broken. Life is just plain hard. No one has it easy. For me, yoga is the glue that puts me back together time and time again. In the hour I spend moving my body on my mat, everything just feels right with the world. My emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies are balanced and joyful and my physical body is challenged and fulfilled. It's completely blissful". You can tell Kelly loves what she does- and for that, we love her!


Megan Lawing

Megan Lawing

We absolutely adore Megan Lawing, a real Wonder Woman of the 21st century. 6 years ago, Megan took a leap of faith when she started to work with clothing companies on her yoga account, and what began as a fun hobby turned into her full-time job! Juggling between being a housewife, a mother, a yoga enthusiast, a lifestyle model and so much more, she handles it all with such grace and poise. Plus, she can rock a pair of tie-dye leggings! Megan says that "Yoga has always inspired me to push myself past my limits physically but also spiritually! I'm so many aspects of my life, yoga has changed it. And I couldn't be more grateful!"
 We love her vivacious attitude. Namaste! 

yoga michele

After suffering a back injury, Michele realized her purpose and opened herself up to an incredible spiritual journey. Since then, she has been helping people rehabilitate after injuries and grow through yoga. With a 200 PYT certification, Michele continually enhances her practice by teaching on a range of topics. Her passion for coaching and helping others is radiating! Check her out on Instagram, where you can find her striking a (yoga) pose in museums, national parks, or at a pay phone! Keep being amazing, Michele!

Koya Webb

Koya Webb

Introducing the mighty and amazing powerhouse, Koya Webb. An international holistic health coach with certifications in personal training, yoga, holistic health and integrated nutrition, Koya has helped thousands of people across the globe better their lives by helping them reach their health and fitness goals! She is also the creator of the wildly popular Get Loved Up movement that inspires positive change through daily holistic living practices. If you haven't already seen Koya on media outlets such as CBS, NBC, or the Harry Connick Jr. show, check out her instagram for some daily inspiration! We love your message Koya- keep it up!


 Jasmine Astra-elle Grace

Jasmine Astra-elle Grace

To Jasmine Grace, yoga isn't just something you do on the mat- it's a way of life! Internationally, she leads Ayurvedic yoga teacher trainings, meditation programs, and spiritual retreats. Lover of nature, travel, and wellness, Jasmine has dedicated her time to her community and family. She supports those around her through a variety of classes and workshops that put your spirit and body in balance. Bonus: she posts DELICIOUS and healthy recipes on her blog/Instagram page- check them out here! The epitome of "Do what you love, Love what you do", Jasmine is rockin it!

 Mindfulness, wellness, self-love. We here at Dyetology love the message that all these women are putting into the universe! We hope these inspirational ladies inspire you to live your best life.

With Love,



P.S - Stay tuned for our next Inspiring Women post. We are going to switch it up a bit and excited to show you our new format! 

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