You ladies never cease to amaze me!

I have recently stumbled upon 6 more amazing women that I simply have to share with you- check out the compiled list below!

Jodi Scott
Along with her sister and mother, Jodi Scott is the co-founder of Green Goo by Sierra Sage, an all natural skin care/first aid line. In addition to only containing the purest, organic ingredients, Green Goo products are multi-purpose. This is especially important since the company works with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, which has helped to create portable hospitals around the world, where the product is on hand for wound care and pain relief. Jodi and her family's passion is evident in the work that they do- keep it up!

Hilary Boynton
Hilary is on a mission- to inspire people to sit down and enjoy real food. Not only has she co-authored "The Heal your Gut Cookbook", she is helping people all around the world rediscover food as medicine. Her Yum Yum series website along with her delicious looking Instagram feature amazing recipes with raw ingredients that I know I can't wait to try!

Theresa Flores
A survivor of the unthinkable, Theresa Flores has taken her experiences and created S.O.A.P. (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution) to help reach out to other victims. Since 2011, Theresa and her team of volunteers have handed out "nearly 1 million bars of soap with the national human trafficking hotline number", held public speaking events, and created awareness about this silent epidemic nationwide. Theresa, you are amazing!

Breane Walter of Trove Warehouse
Breane and her family opened Trove Warehouse in 2011 in the hopes of creating a furniture buying experience that is eclectic and personal- and it's safe to say she has done just that! At Trove, you can find a unique piece for any room in your home whilst enjoying a craft beer at their monthly happy hour (yes, please!) Their Instagram inspires me to re-do every space in my house almost every day, and their family values are present in every transaction they make. Breane, you inspire us to live our dream!

Jennifer and Nicole of WOW Made
Jennifer Stano and Nicole Zeola created World Of Wellness (WOW) to provide supplements and multivitamins that you can feel confident about putting into your body. They really have thought of everything when it comes to their products- "all natural, non-GMO; free of soy, glutens, and aspartame, they’re vegetarian, they’re paleo friendly, and they’re kosher". These mamas make nutrition easy- we love it!

Do you have someone that inspires you? We would love to hear- leave us a comment below!

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