When we get dressed we don't tend to think about what color we want to wear to make us feel good emotionally. 

However if you stop and think about it when you are having a bad day you tend to go for the clothes that are most comfortable or your favorite colors. And on your good days you feel more "adventurous" and wear something different or that you would not normally wear.

Color plays a HUGE role on how we feel throughout the day. When we see colors we don't think they play a role on our emotions but they do! The ancient Egyptians studied the effects of color on mood and used this knowledge in holistic healing. Carl Jung (famous Psychologist) used color to define 4 temperaments using colors: sunshine yellow, earth green, cool blue, and fiery red. 

When deciding what to wear you should think about these things. Color helps balance your emotion. Each color has its own affects on your brain:

  • Red- Strong, Passionate, Motivated, Grounded
  • Pink- Patience, Compassion
  • Orange- Brave, Spontaneous, Creative
  • Yellow- Confident, Fearless, Inspirational
  • Green- Harmonious, Compassionate, Generous
  • Turquoise- Comfortable in front of large groups
  • Blue- Calm, Communicative
  • Indigo and Violet- Worthy, Confident in a business meeting
  • Grey- Self-Reliant, Stable
  • Brown- Earthy, Committed
  • Black- Authority, Power, Mystery
  • White- Innocence, Freshness

Here are a few tips for adding your favorite color into your outfit:
1. Add a colorful scarf or necklace. This works especially well if your favorite color doesn't necessarily look great with your complexion. Use your top as a "buffer" zone between your face and a colorful scarf or accessory. 

2. Use accessory pieces like your bag, belt, and shoes to liven up your neutral outfit. 

3. For the "die hard" neutral color lovers - colorful undergarments! It will be your little secret and still add some fun to getting dressed! 

4. Colorful nails! Add a splash of color to your nails for the week with a fun nail polish color. Brands like Essie and OPI always have the latest and greatest in nail polish colors. 

5. Make-up and or colorful eye glass frames can be a fun way to experiment with color. There are many beautiful and sophisticated color cosmetics out now - make up has come a long way from the powder blue eyeshadow of the 80's! 

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and here's another post you may enjoy about color  - The Best Colors For Your Skin Tone. 

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