Life needs splurge-able moments. As children, we are taught that if we do something well we get a reward. Good grades are treated with ice cream or even money. Toys are given for good behavior. But then as adults, something changes and we don't find ourselves "treating" ourselves much. We end up usually feeling guilty if we do since there's always something that needs to be paid for like your kids' shoes or something around the house that needs to be replaced. We can even feel guilty if the "treat" is some time alone or going to meet a girlfriend who you haven't seen in a year.

We all work a lot of hours and it can become routine, without having something small to look forward to brighten our days.  I look for those splurge-worthy moments and make it a habit to "reward" myself often.

Here are some of my favorite little splurges or treats: 

  • Buying myself a coffee- Coffee is a gift from the gods, and really good coffee makes my whole day! 
  • Giving back- Starting our sock mission, Socks For Hope is one of the most rewarding things I have done with my business.  
  • Buying myself flowers- Who doesn't love getting flowers even if you buy them yourself! Trader Joes has the best, most beautiful, in-expensive cut flowers. 
  • Taking a class- I enjoy taking fitness classes outside of my home (since 99% of the time I work out at home), or taking a photography class. I look for something that is outside of my day to day routine that is entertaining and educational.
  • Taking a day off and spending it in nature- Nature is where you will find me if I take a day off or have a couple hours to myself. I am lucky to live near beautiful Hoover Reservoir and some great parks. I feel so rejuvenated after spending some quiet time in nature. 


Do you take the time to do something special for yourself? What's your favorite "treat"? Leave a comment below! 

With love,


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