The world is going through some tough times. And through those tough times we have each other to depend on. There are many ways we can support one another through this. A few options being: posting to social media, participating in the protests, and even donating to the cause or helping with bail money of those who did protest. 

Anything can help! This past week Dyetology made a step by donating 15% of sales to the NAACP. What are you doing that can help make a change in the world? It does not have to be big by any means - something small is better than nothing! But whatever you chose to do make sure you are staying safe while doing it! 

I wanted to feature some amazing blogs and resources that I have been reading and saving to reference myself.  

The first being about strong influential black women that all have a different stance of the world right now! It is an amazing article - go here to read. 

The next is a google doc advising you on what to do if you are detained, how to post to social the right way, resources on how to have the conversation about race. It is a great reference to download and save. 

And lastly, I want to feature posts from Philadelphia Bucket List on how you can help right now! I thought these were a great reference and easy to save to your phone (which I did!).


Lastly, educating yourself and listening to what others have to say are 2 important things that will go a long way to the change we need.  Expand your knowledge bank, make your voice heard! We are better together. 


We love you all and appreciate you all! 

With love,


P.S. - Do you have any great resources you would like to share? Please feel free to comment below! 

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