Dyetology made its first live television debut this week when I got the chance to visit Good Day Columbus. I was able to share a bit about how Dyetology got started and most importantly share our Socks For Hope mission. 

Socks For Hope was launched a year ago in March 2017. In 2017 we were able to donate 519 pairs of socks to Faith Mission and Choices, homeless shelters in Columbus. Why socks? Socks are the most needed clothing item in homeless shelters. 

We love our mission and hope to at least double the number of socks we donated in 2017. 

You can be part of the mission and shop our Socks For Hope here.  Our socks will be the softest pair you own. They're addictive, you can't just have one pair! 

Thanks to everyone who has supported our mission and we look forward to blowing our goal out of the water for 2018! 

With love and thanks,


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