4 steps to get your closet summer ready

Is your closet “Summer" ready? If not, you may not be ready to face your closet. Worry no more! We have 4 great tips for to get your closet in shape for Summer! Just as our cars need a “tune up” and maintenance, our closets do too! Let’s turn your closet into a zen place that is calm, organized, and ready to go! 


1. Clean Up/Organize:
All of us have clothes that we love and some items just don't make the cut. The best way to tell is by sorting them into four piles: (1) Yes, these are my keepers - put in your closet; (2) No, I'm ready for a change - donate away or resell (3) Altered pieces need fixing before they'll be perfect again and pile (4) for those "maybe" items which you need to consider the next five questions to decide if you really want to keep them. 

For the “maybe” items, ask yourself
A. Do I love it? Does it bring me joy? Yes Marie Kondo was onto something when talks about pieces in our homes and closets that do bring us joy! 

B. Is it flattering on? 

C. Does the outfit represent me and the image I want to portray?

D. Is it comfortable? Or a few hours into wearing it you finally remember why you never wear it because the fabric is itchy, waistband cuts you in half, shoes that pinch your feet etc.

E. If the item needs an alteration such as a new zipper, hemmed etc - will you really take the time to do it? If not, GET RID OF IT… Keeping unwearable items in our closet just adds clutter, takes up space as well as not helping us when it comes time to get dressed. Also ask yourself is this item worth the time and effort of having it fixed.

2. Transition and Store Your Cold-Weather Clothes.
Clear the winter wear out of your closet and dresser, and refresh with Summer appropriate pieces. A leaner wardrobe not only empowers you to live a tidier, happier life, but will also save you hours of time spent searching. And less time digging through your closet means more warm weather enjoyment for all!

Pro-tip: Before packing away these cold weather pieces, clean them first - they could be harboring dust mites as well as odors that would make anyone cringe. And pay special attention to stains - stains left on clothing can darken during storage and, like odors, attract bugs. Store them in garment bags or plastic containers with lids and include a lavender laundry sheet to keep them smelling fresh. 


3. Repair/Alter
A simple trip to a shoe repair can revive an old, run-down pair of shoes or handbag that was previously gathering dust in the back of your closet. Find a seamstress/tailor to alter or repair any clothes that need new zippers, mending, hems fixed etc.  


4. Make a Summer Wishlist/Shopping List.
Once you have you gone through your closet/dressers you may have identified some key pieces you are missing such as easy dresses for those hot days, a pair of shorts that a flattering length, new white basics (since they often get yellowed/stained over time).  Create an edited list on your phone so you have it with you at all times. This way you are prepared  and avoid going on a shopping frenzy. Determine first what it is that you truly need or desire for this coming season before investing all your money into new pieces.

I hope you find these tips helpful and get you on your way to enjoying the warmer months!

With Love,


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