I don't know about you, but when it comes time to go on a trip whether it's 3 days or for a week, I tend to overpack and still end up not having everything I need! 

So I reached out to my friend Laura who not only is a Dyetology "dye-hard" fan, but a "professional packer". Laura is a commercial airline pilot as well as having a robust personal travel schedule. She has all the great tips and tricks for successfully getting your bag packed and having everything you need for your trip. 

 plan image - plan before packing so you won't over pack!

1. Plan first before packing anything! 

  • Think about how many nights/days will I be gone? Just a quick trip or going a week? These tips apply to both situations. 
  • Bring only the essentials…anything you forget can be obtained at your destination if really needed. 
  • Keep in mind you will need minimal “going out” ensembles, and you’ll most likely be at the beach in a swimsuit or shorts for the majority of your time. 

 clothes laid out getting ready for a trip!

2. Lay it all out on the bed so you can see everything, then use a critical eye and remove some pieces. 

  • Next either roll it, or fold flat in a packing cube. 
  • You will need 1 pair of flip flops, and 1 pair of walking shoes, and *perhaps* a sandal that doubles as walking or night out attire (if your flip flops won’t do)…. Wear your walking shoes on the plane to save space in your bag. Shoes take up a TON of space, and you won’t wear more than two most likely. 
  • Do you REALLY need more than one pair of pants/bottoms (the ones you’ll travel in)? Do you really need four tops? No. One basic top, one bright top, one dress, one skirt OR shorts, sun hat & sunglasses, sarong….that’s about it for your trip! 


women's tie dye blue blouse, scarf, and dress

3.  Convertible/reversible options! 

  • Especially accessories and tops. One of my favorite items its a sarong that can do multiple duties: scarf, skirt, coverup, colorful accent, belt…. Dyetology blanket sarong scarves are FAB for this! Also, the Dyetology Easy Shirt is wonderful because it can be reversed front to back for an alternate neckline. I also love the poncho for a scarf option. The Perfect Knit Dress and the Metro Tunic are great options for a dress/tunic/shirt/coverup option that can multitask. 
  • If possible, bring a reversible swimsuit to save space, or two suits. Don’t forget a sealable plastic or silicone bag to bring your suit home. If you forget a bag, just repurpose the hotel’s “laundry/dry cleaning” bag in your room. 
  • Also, bring one or two statement accessories (NOT a whole bag full) to make your outfits pop. I really like a long necklace that can be worn short and long, and a large pair of statement earrings in my bag. 
  • I streamline my purse/bag and use a crossbody that fits inside my carryon “beachbag”, along with a refillable bottle, and a good book or magazines. All airlines allow one “personal item” carryon and one “bag” which is your roller-board or duffle. 

 colorful merino wool

4. Merino wool for basics

  • You love natural fibers, but maybe you’ve never considered this. Merino is nature’s original “performance fabric”. Very lightweight merino t-shirts, undies (YES! 150-160 gm weight) and merino socks don’t hold smell, and can be washed in a hotel sink (use the complimentary hotel shampoo for this)  and dry in a matter of hours (no kidding!) Consider investing in a couple to make your trip packing even easier. 
  • Washing out something in the sink is easy, and most lightweight fibers dry overnight. 

 small clear travel bottles

5. Toiletries, keep them small and don’t forget a quart sized bag (for liquids if you’re flying). 

  • This is often the least considered part of travel, and the most critical if you use special products. Repurpose tiny hotel bottles, or purchase the empty ones from a camping/travel/drug store.  I like the “humangear” brand called GoToobs because they are flexible, do NOT leak. They are great for carrying your must have items like favorite lotions, shampoo, etc. 
  • Consider switching to solid toiletries like the new solid shampoo bars, lotion bars, toothpaste tablets that are available these days. You won’t need much makeup, so consider just a bit of powder and a bright lip color if you can streamline, plus all hotels have blowdryers. Leave the hair appliances at home :)
  • Don’t have a lightweight toiletry kit? Use a gallon sized zip lock to save weight and see everything at a glance. 

I hope these these travel trips will lighten your load and get you out the door faster! 

Have a favorite travel trip that has made your life easier? Please share with us in the comments !

Xo- Jackie

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