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Today we are featuring Raygan Barrett.  She is the owner of Picassos in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Raygan opened Picassos in 2015 to bring more art experiences to the community based on fine art principals. Picassos offers a wide range of adult and children's art classes as well as birthday parties, bridal showers, work gatherings...you name it, Picassos is your place for a fun and unique experience!  

I love Raygan's story and why she started Picassos. Raygan got her Bachelor's in Fine Art from the Columbus College of Art in Design in Columbus, Ohio. She went on to have a successful career as a Graphic Designer and worked for clients such as The Wexner Center, Crimson Cup, and Chase Bank. Wanting to get back to her creative roots as well as noticing kids' scheduleds are more structured than ever and need place to nuture, create, and push their limitations, this is what led Raygan to open Picassos. 

Ok, it's time to get to know Raygan a little better in our fun fact lightening round! I had the opportunity to ask her the following questions: 

Three words to describe you: optimistic, artftul, kind 

Three words that describe your style: electic, simple, earthy

How did you get started in your business? It was something that evolved over time. I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design and was in the design industry for many years. I missed creating art with my hands and the whole process of it. I started slowly to paint again after I had my two children, but I didn't have much time for it between working and all the other things we mom's do. Then, I was offered a teaching position at CCAD for a Senior Portfolio class. The experience made me realize that I wanted to be around art and people creating art and not just sitting on my computer all day. As my kids were also growing I had become increasingly aware of art education and the value of process art. I often had materials out and had my own kids explore and experiment. I looked into getting a degree in art education, but it wasn't the right path for me. That's when I decided it was time to dive in and get started. I set out to do After School Art Programs at schools. After a year of doing art in the schools, I loved it and knew I wanted my own studio space. Upper Arlington was the perfect place since this is where I live and also because Upper Arlington did not have many options for extra curricular art. So, I jumped in and never looked back. Its definitely been a road of ups and downs and some curves, but I wouldn't change my experiences that have all lead to where the studio is today.

What is a current project you are working on, or what's "next" for your business? My goal right now is to get more local artists involved at the studio. By partnering with local artists its a win-win for both of us. It allows the studio to spread its wings a bit and bring in lots of different types of talent and art that I can offer to the community—and helps artists make money while doing what they love. I'm also expanding my KinderARTen program next school year and offering three days a week. KinderARTen is a wrap-around program I offer based on artful learning. I'm excited about the artists/instructors who will be heading up the program and the depth and knowledge they will bring to it. I'm also focused on giving back and I'd like to continue to grow efforts in this area. Last year I worked with students at Avondale School and became their art teacher for the year. I've worked with homeless shelters and taught several classes for kids on the spectrum. I've helped with fundraisers such as Sam's Fans and Isabella Santos Foundation. And of course I help schools whenever I can with fundraisers and events. This is a big part of who I am and what I set out to do when I started and I'd like to do even more for the community.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Favorite Beach: Juno Beach

Favorite Charity: Sam's Fans

When was the last time you gave someone a hand-written note? I give my kids hand written notes all the time :-)

Where can we find out more about you?
Facebook: PicassosArt
Instagram: @picassosartstudio
Twitter: @picassosart

Linked In: Raygan (Rush) Barrett

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Raygan and learning about her creative mission. We are blessed to have this creative lady bringing Art to our community! 

With Love,


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