Today we are featuring Natalie Keller Pariano who is the owner and chief lettering artist of NatterDoodle. 

Natalie does colorful and whimsical hand lettering art! Her definition of NatterDoodle is, "Doodling words, especially positive messages, snarky truths, and happy thoughts are our jam!"

Natalie is based out of Columbus, she is a strong woman that likes to empower other women. She is a proud feminist and devotes some of her time to the LGBTQIA community. I had the opportunity to ask her the following questions: 

Three words to describe you:  earnest, loving and rebellious.

Three words that describe your style: colorful, quirky and heartfelt.

How did you get started in your business? I began hand lettering as a mindfulness activity, a way to unwind at the end of the night. I started sharing my doodles on Instagram just as an accountability measure, and soon I found that I built a lovely little following of people who were looking for a daily dose of inspiration and connection. Folks would ask if they could buy my pieces and instead, I'd just send them all over the country for free. After a while, I decided that it might be fun (and I might save a boatload on postage) if I started selling my work. Since then, my art has evolved and my business has grown from a part-time hobby to my full-time jobby. :) My mission is to sprinkle positivity confetti and via NatterDoodle I'm able to empower women through heartfelt hand lettering! We’re trying to create the antidote to the stresses of everyday life & harsh reality of the news, by providing a daily dose of authenticity and inspiration! Through our lovingly crafted stationery, home goods, gifts, and creative workshop experiences, NatterDoodle sprinkles positivity confetti in your world and helps women feel more colorful, connected and creative!

What is a current project you are working on, or what's "next" for your business? I just opened my first public studio + storefront in Clintonville a month ago and am enjoying the adventure of having a space to call my own and share with others. I'm launching four brand new workshops in the next three months and am exploring ways to continue spreading the mission and vision of NatterDoodle!

Coffee or Tea:  I can do without either - LaCroix

Favorite Beach:  Playa Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica 

Favorite Charity: The Nina West Fund of the Columbus Foundation

When was the last time you gave someone a hand-written note? Yesterday! I write notes for a living! :) 

Where can we find out more about you?

With love,


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