Of all the women in your life, who inspires you?

For us, the list includes our mothers, teachers, and other activists and authors we see on tv.

But here's a challenge for you- finding inspiration outside of the obvious. You may be surprised to know there are inspirational women everywhere- some in your own community, who have shared experiences or similar interests. To get you started, we thought we'd share the love and tell you about 5 inspiring women you may not know... but should:

Louve de Laine by Adèle Crôteau

Louve de Laine by Adèle Crôteau 

We randomly stumbled upon Adele's Instagram page (@louvedelaine), and boy are we glad we did! Not only are her knitted cowls and pompom wreaths GORGEOUS, her story is a pretty amazing one. After losing her mother to cancer in 2008, she began knitting as a way to heal and pay homage to her mom, an avid knitter. Cancer crept back into her life when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer herself at age 37. Proceeds from the sales of her hand-made items have been donated to various cancer related organizations, and her mission continues to educate and bring awareness to the cause! Keep doing amazing things, Adele! Find her on: Instagram, Facebook, Etsy. 


Sharzad Kiadeh


Sharzad Kiadeh

I think I speak for everyone when I say we all need a friend like Sharzad in our life. Youtube content creator and blogger Sharzad Kiadeh is one of my favorite personalities out there right now. She's so upbeat and hilarious, and gives it to you straight when it comes to travel, motherhood, and even Weight Watchers! In today's world, sometimes all you need is some positivity and a good laugh- I would highly recommend you guys check her out! You can find her on: Instagram: @sharzadkiadeh, Facebook here, and her website here. 

Alisa and Paula of Be the Sign

Alisa and Paula of Be The Sign 

After discovering their common interests in politics and social justice issues, Alisa and Paula traded in their corporate jobs to start Be the Sign, The Protest you Wear. Their products each have a powerful message, and 100% of the profits goes to a list of charities that is ever-expanding- they take suggestions for who they should donate to next! Standing up for what you believe in never goes out of style. Find their website here, Instagram here, and Facebook page here. 


Nikita Oliver Metcalfe - Hungry Wardrobe

Nikita Oliver Metcalfe- Hungry Wardrobe

Her website, Hungry Wardrobe, had me at "Shop Well. Shop Less. Shop Consciously". Nikita's passion is educating women about styling and helping them to make "purposeful" clothing choices. She herself admits to not always being the best consumer herself. She has a background in fashion and had jobs in merchandising and product development.  After moving to NY she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and had an internship in personal styling. Her goal now is to help women become more conscious consumers.  You can find her website here, Instagram here,  Facebook here. 


Erin Busbee - Busbeestyle

Erin Busbee - Busbeestyle

Erin's mission struck a chord with me. She wants to make style and shopping easy for busy women who are "juggling life over 40". Love this! She states that many times we as women put ourselves last (any one else saying amen?). She tackles it all from style, beauty, home organizing and fitness. I think I need Erin to just come move in with me. Check her our on her website, Instagram, and Facebook. 


Tell us who you have discovered to be an inspiration and why in the comments below! We love to see women supporting women!

With Love,

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