In this video clip I will show you part of a Styling Session helping a friend make some "business casual" outfits for her upcoming business trip. Let me set the stage for you.......

After 20 years, Renee started a new job that has a "business casual" dress code. Before she could wear jeans and t-shirts. So when she had to go on an out-of-town business trip for week, she needed some help! 

Some highlights of the video: 

  • At 39 seconds: What type of jacket looks best with her wide leg pants and why
  • At 1min 11 seconds: What type of shoe works with her outfit
  • At 1min 23 seconds: Why business casual doesn't have to be boring! 
  • At 1min 38 seconds: How you can still have "fun" with a business casual outfit

I hope you enjoy the video and gives you some inspiration for your next business casual look!

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With Love,


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