The seat belt sign just went dark, and now your summer vacation can truly begin. You can finally take out your carry on bag from under your seat, whip out a magazine, and flag down the flight attendant for a glass of wine. In addition to the stack of Vogues and phone chargers, here are a few more items you’d find in our carry on bag, with a little help from the Dyetology community! Thanks ladies for these creative hacks!


1. Red Journal 2. Open Weave Rayon Scarf with Shades of Blue, Purple, and Aqua 3. Purple Cup with Snack Compartment 4. Visiline Dry Eye Solution 5. Perfect Bar Snacks

1. “Being on a plane allows me to enter a creative zone, where I can really think and let my mind drift. I usually come up with my best out-of-the-box ideas on a plane, so I must have my sketchbook / journal to capture all my thoughts!” – Julia, Blogger
2. “My open weave rayon scarf from Dyetology is a must. It is light and soft, but adds a surprisingly warm layer when needed. And it is so large that when I am in the car or on the plane and I want a little more than just my neck covered, it can easily accommodate my comfort needs!” – Heather, Life Coach
3. “Water!! I get dehydrated!” – Carmela, Beauty Brand Director (pick up one of these awesome cups with snack compartment at the top for space maximization!)
4. “For a long-haul flight, I always try to nap to pass the time. When I wake up, I like to use Tired-Eye eye drops to try to give the appearance that I’m a refreshed jet setter!” – Paige, Student
5. “The "Perfect Bar" is my favorite snack bar ever! Organic, made from 20 super foods, and high in protein. And they are freaking delicious!” – Jackie, Dyetology Owner

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