I got a lot of feedback on my FB and IG pages when I asked: "What is the number 1 problem you face when getting ready"? A common issue popped up with casual clothes. Some said they didn't have enough casual clothes. Others felt like they didn't have enough casual clothes. I did this video show you some easy ways to make the most out of your casual wardrobe.

Some tips I cover in the video are: 
• T-Shirts don't have to be basic. Look for details such as tucks, gathering etc.
• Add layering pieces like a soft cardigan and an unstructured blazer
to "dress up" your jeans and t-shirt."
•Add Bling jewelry and shoes to add a "fancy" element to your outfit
•You can't go wrong with leather! A black little jacket or my heeled, leather sneakers will elevate your look.

I hope this helps you with your "casual dilemma"

With Love,


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