I'm still laughing to myself after my phone conversation with my friend Katie. She had called me to ask for some help with pulling together an outfit for an upcoming event she was going to. We were laughing about how "dumb" it is that she has a closet full of clothes (literally) and can't find one damn outfit in there!

We found ourselves exchanging "closet stories" and maybe you too have found yourself standing in front of your closet saying to yourself:
- “I have nothing to wear! How is this EVEN possible?”
- “It’s a hot mess in here"
“How many more times am I gonna come in here and NOT change the light bulb?"

And have you ever said one of these?
- "Can I wear that red top one more time or will everyone know I haven’t washed it?"
- "Hmmmm…that’s quite a stack a stack of jeans. Do those even fit?"
- "I can’t wear yoga pants to this party but WTF else do I have in here?"
- "I really want to wear this easy shirt with the little tiny hole in it"
- "Can I get away with wearing my favorite infinity scarf AGAIN so it covers up that wine stain?" 

Ok, I’ve shared my sill closet sayings – what’s yours? Being honest, what crazy-ass thing have you said as you stared blankly at a full closet? 

Leave me a comment below, I LOVE hearing from you! 


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