I decided to this blog post and video after I had a conversation with a friend yesterday and she said, “I’m 53 years old. I’m not wearing cheap stuff anymore”.

So that lead to a conversation about the cost of items per wear. Are you really getting a good “deal” on something when you buy it on sale and wear it once? Or how about something you spend more $ on and wear it all the time? Figure it out by dividing the cost of the item by how many times worn = cost per wear which I am calling “FASHION MATH”.  Now you will know how to figure out the cost per wear of your items in your closet. In this video I will show you some of my low cost per wear items and some that although I spent less on them, the cost per wear is higher since I don't wear them that much.
  • Years ago I stopped buying cheap work out leggings. I was tired of them looking worn and not holding their shape after working out in them for a month. I started paying more and investing in better quality and you know what, the initial money was more upfront but I have had some pairs for years….. so the cost per year actually ends up being a lot less per wear than my cheaper ones I used to buy. And I am getting rid of less. 
  • I did the same thing with shoes years ago.  No more “cute” shoes that are inexpensive. They hurt my feet, pinch, break down, etc. I have my shoes now for years and years and wear them ALOT. 
  • Many times we can initially be turned off by the price/cost of something we like and want to buy……but what if it’s something you will find yourself wearing a lot, you feel good in, and you feel great wearing isn’t that worth it? 

Think of your life and what serves your life.
  • Casual clothes that you can dress up or down (a lot of us in this situation)
  • Think of long term items like coats, shoes, bags etc…..even jewelry.
    think of jeans too….my past in designing etc…yes designer jeans can be expensive but they are worth it with the fit, better fabrics and last a long, long time. 
  • For me, I have found a way to pivot with my lifestyle and career change and still look good and pulled together in my new life with fun leggings, Dyetology sweatshirts, and sparkly gym shoes.

The psychology of it all.
Don’t you deserve to feel and look good too? And the answer is yes! There’s been many studies linked to productivity and how we look and feel. For each of us, that’s different. It has long been known that “clothing affects how other people perceive us as well as how we think about ourselves,” Dr. Galinsky said.  "Clothes invade the body and brain, putting the wearer into a different psychological state". (Quoted from the website of Journal of Experimental Social Psychology).

I hope you enjoyed this- share with a friend who might like to share!

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