Hello Lovely Lady,

Have you ever felt that when shopping we tend to have a hard time staying focused on what we entered the store for, like that dress for your cousin's wedding? We get lured in by the siren's call of the sale rack and next thing you know, you are buying items just because they are on sale. Ask me how I know? Guilty......

Well instead of falling prey to those impulse buys, we need to keep in mind what would be the best fit for our wardrobe. Meaning what exactly do we have in our closets, and what would match best with what we already have? With the digital age we live in it's super easy to make a digital shopping list on your phone of those outstanding closet staples.  

At the end of the day we want to we want to be comfortable and stylish. That is why we have to have closet essentials! What is a closet essential? Those items you turn to time and time again, that you can wear with multiple items, and fit you to a "T". Our Dyetology beauties pair perfectly with your closet essentials and add color and comfort to your outfit.

Closet Essentials:

  • Simple Black Dress: This item can either be dressed up or dressed down. Throwing on a Dyetology Scarf or Shawl can add a big impact to this closet essential. Even just the black dress and a Dyetology bracelet or headband could give this item a small pop of color in the office or on a weekend day. See how I added our Desert Rose Shawl Scarf with a simple black dress in this photo below. 


  • Solid Tank Top:  A solid color tank can go a long way for many seasons. If a tank top isn't your thing, try a sleeveless, layering shell. There are plenty of items it can be layered with such as our drape front hoodie, sweater, shawl or scarf. And in the summer it can be worn by itself with a piece of jewelry that is not for everyday wear.  Our solid flowy tanks look great with our maxi skirts too.  


  • A Great Fitting Pair of Jeans: Jeans are probably one of the most worn items in your closet because they can be worn however you want them. Dress them up or down. Finding the perfect jean to fit your unique body style can be a challenge, but once you find one pair you will never want to take them off!  


  • Nude and Black Shoes: I believe shoes make the outfit!  Not just aesthetically but if the shoes hurt and are uncomfortable, the whole day is ruined!  No matter how cute your outfit may be, limping around in your shoes is NOT cute!  There are so many great options out there for nude and black shoes that your problem may be just choosing one. The beauty of a nude shoe is it elongates your leg which is perfect when wearing skirts or shorts.  And you can never go wrong having a black shoe on hand as black goes with most everything. 


Any of these items can be partnered with a Dyetology piece to give it a little flair for the day. Your closet essentials should be a comfortable, "go-to" outfitting option for you. You will find this will save you the pain and panic on those days where you might be running late or out of ideas for outfits!

With love,


P.S. - I know finding jeans that fit you just right can be a pain in the "tuchus" (literally). I am working on some tips and tricks on how you can find the best fitting pair for your body. 


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