Towels are not like the rest of your laundry.  Follow these six tips and you'll have the softest, fluffiest towels ever! Get ready to dry off after a shower with the softest towel yet.

6 Bath Towel Care Tips 

1. You should wash your towels every 3 to 4 days. 

2. Always wash towels in their own load!! If you mix the towels with clothes it can create a build up on your clothes and take twice as long for everything to dry.

3. Do not use too much detergent. Most detergents nowadays only require a quarter size. Compare that tot how much detergent is in a laundry pod!

4. Wash your towels with hot water.  Hot water allows all the detergent to dissolve all the way. Not only does this help with soap but also with bacteria.

5. Fabric softener can be great for soft towels,  but should only be used every 3-4 washes to avoid a waxy build up. 

6. Vinegar is your gift to laundry! It is actually better for your towels than fabric softener. Add a cup to the rinse cycle to help fluff your towels back up. 

I hope these tips were helpful for you know how best to care for your bath towels. 

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