Ironing has been around since we can all remember, right? I remember my mom would always iron all her nurses uniforms on Sundays to start the week. There was always the fresh smell of laundry coming from the iron.

Life has become more busy and fast paced than what it used to be. We have started to push things like ironing off until we must do them. 

I know many times I will look for an outfit the night before and see that I need to iron it. I will do anything to get out of ironing, even begging my husband who is the equivalent of an "Iron Chef" with an iron to do my dirty work for me.  Here are some other options that keep me off the ironing board that you might find helpful too! 

  • Downy Wrinkle Releaser - one of my most favorite things in life! If you have come to see me at a show, chances are I have told you about this miracle in a bottle. I swear by it. I have multiple bottles in my house and at my shows. All you do is lightly spray your item, smooth and give it a tug to activate and voila! Bye bye wrinkles. 
  • Hang clothes in the bathroom when you shower. The heat from the shower steam will help those wrinkles come right out.
  • Use a flat iron on collars or cuffs!  You can use a hair straightener to get them to lay flat correctly.

Sometimes we can't avoid the iron and ironing board. I hope these help as much as they have helped me!


With Love,


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