Whether you are saving money and focusing on wearing what's already in your closet or want to keep your newest purchases looking their best, there are a few tools you need to have on hand to keep your beauties looking their best. I am sharing the 5 tools you need to keep your clothes looking great.  And the best part? These are all under $25 and you can find them either on Amazon or local retailers like Target.

mesh laundry bags
These are great not only for delicates but anything you want to keep looking its best. Abrasion in the washer from things rubbing up against each other can cause the surface of your clothing to look worn and even pill. And remember COLD water is your friend when washing. Heat degrades colors as well as Lycra/Spandex.

clothing drying rack foldable
Drying Rack 
After washing your garments, it's ok to "fluff" in the dryer for a few minutes to warm up so they don't have that "crispy" air-dried feeling. But then let them finish drying on a drying rack. Air drying will help preserve their color as well as the shape of the garment. 

fabric defuzzer
By giving your garments a little shave now and then, it keeps them looking "new" and fresh. These fabric shavers work not just on sweaters, but I use them on everything and anything that has a little- to a lot of pilling. The key is to go slow and press gently. Ask me how I know. Pressing too hard can put holes in your clothes!

iron on fabric adhesive
Don't know how to sew or want to take your item somewhere to get fixed? No problem. This is a roll of fabric-like tape that you can use with an iron to fix those pesky hems on pants, skirts, the bottom of shirts, etc.  Another item to consider having on hand is a small travel sewing kit which is also handy for fixing loose hems. 

lint roller
Lint Roller
If you have pets this is a must!! And if you love dark colors, lint rollers are a must. Walking around with hair (human or pet) and "schmutz" is never a good look for your garments. So while my dog's hair isn't a problem since they have short slick hair, I shed like crazy and my hair goes every wear. A quick swipe of one of these lint rollers over my shoulders and top half does the trick in a jiff! 

I hope you have found this info helpful and please feel free to share with a friend!!
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