1 Denim Jacket, 5 Different Ways - Free Guide

A denim jacket is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet. It instantly adds a touch of “cool” to any outfit.
Denim also goes with almost anything and everything.

In this guide we show you one of our “One-Of-A-Kind” hand-dyed denim jackets
styled 5 different ways.
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  Outfit 1
In this outfit, I have paired our denim jacket with a pair of silver, shiny knit joggers. So you get the comfort of feeling like you're in your jammies, but the shine really elevates these. And then I paired them with a pair of  rhinestone sneakers. I added a cutout knit top, a fun piece of jewelry, and then rolled the sleeves up. And it's a great casual comfy look, but you look cute and pulled together  with your denim jacket and your fancy joggers. 

Outfit 2
So for this outfit, I used the same denim jacket with a basic white tee shirt. I am a fan of the Everlane t-shirts they have great coverage a really nice weight to them, not too thick, not too thin.  I added a fun pair of distressed denim with some embellishment at the bottom. I'm a huge fan of unique denim. A basic pair of jeans would be fine too. For accessories I added a pair of silver metallic booties that are comfortable to walk in, and then a long layering necklace.  I love a long layering necklaces because they make you look long and lean.  Your eye travels up and down the body and gives a slimming effect.


Outfit 3
I wanted to soften the edginess of my booties and the jacket was something soft and feminine. So I have an off-white lace t-shirt with a long layering necklace with a crystal detail and a rock detail paired back with a denim skirt. The booties are suede with some spike details. I like heels, my feet feel better in heels, but honestly, find a cute flat that has some embellishment or even like a lower heeled bootie that has some embellishment. And it does the same thing for this outfit as the heels.  




Outfit 4
I have layered our jacket with one of our “Easy Shirts”.  It's a great boxy, but flowy style  (that makes sense!) that has a nice drape. It looks really flattering on almost all body types. It's lightweight enough that you can layer it comfortably. I then added Olive military cargo style pants. Olive is one of all of is one of my favorite neutrals as it goes with everything. It also gets you out of the rut of just wearing denim or black or white. I paired it with a statement necklace that has some turquoise color for a little pop of color and then a shoe bootie with buckles.




Outfit 5 
For the last outfit, I wanted to put together something a little more fancy and elevated - a “casual chic” look. So I paired the jacket with a pair of black  embellished denim that has a pearl tuxedo stripe going down the side. I've got my heels with beading, a fancy necklace and just a simple black top. Although I'm in denim I feel really comfortable, cute,  and pulled together. I could go to dinner with my husband or a cocktail hour with my girlfriends or a wine night and still feel like I'm dressed appropriately and comfortable at the same time. Again, if heels, aren't your thing, look for metallic shoe like these booties that have a lower heel. There are so many cute metallic flats or  kitten heel vs. heels. Metallic shoes are a winner cause it goes with everything and it looks dressier.


We hope you have found this guide helpful and inspired you to wear your denim jacket in a new way.

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