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Behind the Scenes of Dyetology

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Dyetology initially began as a creative outlet for me 4 years ago. Although I was in a "creative" job at the time, I didn't feel fulfilled creatively. I wanted to do something that allowed me to work with my hands since I spent my days behind the computer and in meetings. I turned to my love of hand-dyeing which would allow me to not only work with my hands but also with color, which is another passion of mine. I learned the art of hand-dyeing and all things surface design while I was pursuing my fashion design degree at the Columbus College of Art and Design. 

So here we are 4 years later and my passion project has become a business. It's still my passion! It is a work in progress and continues to evolve as the months and years go by. One part of this business that has fulfilled me as much as creating is all the wonderful women I am meeting on this journey. I have met wonderful customers who have become friends. I meet other artisans and business owners through the shows and business events I attend who also have become friends. Our mission program "Socks For Hope" is touching women's lives who I haven't met yet....but might someday. Being able to help others and giving back to the community fills me up! 

This video by Kellie Bieser, of Shutter & Glass Photography in Columbus, is an intimate, behind the scenes "peek" into my world. Kellie is one of the amazing women and friends who I met through my business adventure. It's filmed here in my studio which is my house. I have converted most of my house into a studio, which thank goodness I have a very tolerant husband. He calls our house the factory, haha!  You will see snippets of how I work, from creating a color inspiration board (often called a mood board in the fashion industry) to the dyeing process. Oh, and how can I leave out that you will see my 2 Boxers, Max and Milo, who are my "helpers". 

I hope you enjoy the video and seeing what goes into your Dyetology piece. Each item goes through approx 12 steps from start to finish so it's hard to capture in a short video. I appreciate all of you who are along on this journey of mine! I couldn't do it without your support and encouragement. And a big shout out to Kellie and Jim Bieser for creating this beautiful video for me to share with you all.


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P.S - Curious about any particular part of the process? Leave me a comment below! 


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